1. Preparing qualified and specialized human cadres in the different fields of knowledge to meet the needs of the society.
2. Providing the academic, psychological and social environment that supports creativity, excellence, innovation and talent.
3. Encouraging, supporting and developing the levels of the scientific research, especially applied scientific research oriented to the service and development of the society.
4. Establishing a close institutional link between the public and private sectors on the one hand and the higher education institutions on the other hand to benefit from the qualified capacities of these institutions in the development of the sectors through consultation and applied scientific research.
5. Improving the quality and efficiency of the adaptation of the higher education to the requirements of the society through the development of standards and basis in compliance with the international standards.
6. Keeping abreast of ICT developments and utilizing such in management and in academic programs in terms of content, teaching methods and evaluation.
7. Taking into account the economics of education, which include securing the necessary funding and developing the appropriate mechanisms for the distribution of available financial resources and their efficient and effective use according to the priorities.