In The Name Of Allah, The Most Benevolent, the Most Merciful, and All The Praise Is Due to Allah, The Almighty and the Peace and Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Prophet Mohammed.

All the Praise Be to Allah who fulfilled our goals to establish this young college as an exemplary professional educational model of high caliber and one of the fruits of the ‘Higher Education Revolution’ that swept all the country, and which crowned a long labor of The International Academy for Science & Advanced Management Training after an age well above ten years in the field of education and training, which included many rich pivotal themes.

The College adopts the academic and the overall quality standards issued by the Ministry of Higher Education to improve the level of the educational services to qualify graduates to assume efficient roles in serving the community and the environment and the ability to compete in the domestic and overseas labor markets through the continuous improvement of the quality of education and developing a system for the evaluation of the university performance in all aspects to achieve the academic and overall quality standards, in addition to strengthening the relationship and supporting trust between the College and the surrounding society by providing advisory and consultancy services, conducting applied research and capacity building training courses in the relevant fields.

Accordingly, the College has prepared distinctive curricula to ensure the quality of the educational process in a term of a referential, methodological scientific term of reference framework based on the requirements of the era, the reality of the College and the targeted level. The College also adopts the seminars of excellence and brainstorming based on the relevant parties in the internal and external environment to spread and promote a culture of excellence, so that each individual in the College shall be committed, within his position, domain and function to achieve the desired goals.

The teaching and learning process in the College is based on a range of modern teaching methods such as the interactive and proactive education and self-education as well as the direct education.